Beer Bong Goes Down, Beer Bong Goes Up

File Under: ”You Might Be An Alcoholic If” … YOU BEER BONG AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF JÄGER … AND LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT … just like ”Party Down South” star Ry… Lyrics: If I want some beer, I don’t want to hear, How I missed the show, Because I drink to slow, So pass me the beer bong, It won’t take very long, For me … Melissa bongs a beer and she doesn’t cry. When you go down, I’ll go up. Watch more How to Play Drinking Games videos: Learn the best strategy for playi… A 75 year old grandmother tailgating at the penn state Purdue game decided to try a beer bong For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at) Elizabeth does an upside down beer bong on Lake Austin. Album released in 2000 through Agitato Records. 1. Fallen Down Wall 2. Nothing 3. Smiley Camera 4. Double Personality 5. Eight Days A Week 6. Take My Breath … With a funny demonstration at end: How to build a beer bong cheaply (about $20) and easily. Post your beer bonging as a reply video, I bet you can’t beat my … Download ”Drink ‘Til We Die” for FREE from our bandcamp page Add us on Facebook me doing upside down beer bong just for fun. music in background is mercy by kanye west etc. One of the finest beer bongs right here. Great for pre drinks or when people come over. Awesome thing about it is you can hang it on the wall and when you op… more at A.N.S. pours beer down Cross Examination’s throat between vans going 88 mph, then blasts into the future!!! Watch more How to Play Drinking Games videos: Learn how to play flong, a combinatio… Background Kids Of 88 – Just A […]

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